About Pulldown


Erin Skelly Designs are focused on the Rock/Gothic style. My bold statement and fashion aesthetic are unique and heart felt. After completing my training with New England Fashion and Design Association, I developed my signature line of dynamic apparel. My fashions have appeared in the Fashion Breast Cancer Cure I and II and were featured in the RAW Expressions Showcase Event in New Haven, Connecticut in May of 2013.

In describing my approach to fashion and design I would say while many of my fellow designers are developing the classic style my passion has always been designs focused on rock, goth and being edgy falling under the category of Junker designs and edgy hardy. I tend to design from girly rock to Gothic. My range, however, can be modified to individual taste. As an emerging designer I’m a girl from a small town who longs to be part of the international city life and dreams of being the next new modern designer for this generation to come.

At this time I am looking for an investor to sponsor my upcoming collections so I am able to take future lines of clothing and produce them for the retail market. Here today, I offer my original line and can produce individual items for clients.

I am presently developing clothing creating a new mini line inspired by the styling of Destroyx (Amelia Tan AKA Amelia Arsenic) and ZooG (Karl Learmont AKA Karl Von Rock from Angelspit.

You are invited to explore and enjoy my website. Hope to hear from you soon. Erin Skelly