SoNo Train Station


SoNo Train Station Window Display


South Norwalk, CT


Spring 2013


Mannequins are first on the scene to watch Erin put the final touches to her Gothic-themed window display at the South Norwalk train station.  Erin created this eye-catching display in the station's waiting area with a white backdrop, draped tulle, black silk roses and yards of chains from the local hardware store.   

Commuters of all kinds, including students, travelers, corporate workers and police, joined the mannequins to watch the proceedings.  As Erin worked to incorporate the mannequins into the display, they sprouted lace wings and sported a black netted umbrella for the final flourish.

Erin thanks the New England School of Design, located on the second floor of the South Norwalk Train Station, for loaning the display window to Erin Skelly Designs.  Working and displaying garments in this highly public location generated much interest and excitement for the designs, and was an invigorating  experience for all.